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Terms and Conditions

  • All vehicles are available on first come first serve basis.
  •  If more than one customer is interested in the same vehicle, the vehicle will be sold to the one who pays first.
  •  If a payment reaches us late and the vehicle is sold to another customer, we will provide you with a similar vehicle with same specifications.
  •  You must be 18 years old or over to buy a vehicle. People younger than 18 years can buy a car through their parents.
  • Most of the vehicles listed in our stock are used and therefore a certain tolerance on the general condition of the vehicle has to be considered.
  • Vehicles sold under the term “USED AS IT IS WHERE IT IS BASIS” are intended to be sold as they are and no reconditioning is included in the sales contract.
  •  If a vehicle`s option/accessory is not mentioned in the specification/extras of the vehicle on the website then Culusow Motors Ltd is not responsible for its functioning and/or condition, as it may not be functioning properly.
  • Should any dispute between the buyer(s) and the Company occur with regards to the service, and/or any contracts concluded through the service, the parties concerned agree to attempt to settle any such disputes through dialogue in most sincere manner.
  •  In case, if the dispute(s) failed to be resolved through dialogue between the concerned parties, the Benadir Region Court holds original and exclusive jurisdiction over resolution of the dispute.
  • A certain percentage discount is offered on bulk purchase. The % varies according to the number of units purchased; the greater the number of units purchased, the higher the % discount.
  • Culusow Motors Co. is not responsible for any damage that occurs to the vehicle during and/or after it has reached the destination of the Customer
  • All payments should be made through our Bank Account
  • No vehicle will be Sold until full payment is received and amount is cleared prior to Sold
    NOTE: We don`t refund any payments based on the customers complain or request. However, if a situation arises that is reasonable for a refund, we will be deducting 20% of the Price amount as service
  • Once the payment is received the following documentation, necessary to clear the vehicle at the destination of the Customer, will be sent to you via mail or courier after the vessel has been shipped.
    1. Ownership Book
    2. Invoice.
    4. Other required documents in your local custom.
  • Buyer addresses have to be confirmed so mail or fax them to us to make sure that all the documents are correctly prepared before Buying


Culusow Motors
Tell: +252615901901

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